The good old trust

To find out what really matters about someone, five minutes are more than enough. In them, the pitch on one’s voice, the movements design, gaze and grace, combined with any fortuitous touch, tells all what matters about each new person that crosses our lifes.

These days having that kind of experience is even more important. Now when the world has gone mad – after the pandemic curfews – and an unusual frenzy is breathing on the back our neck.

Everything that “didn’t move” gained movement; all that “barely moved”, is now dancing; and what was just slowly walking exhales now such a young excitement scent that could make one wish to Forrest Run for ever.

It’s true that this ‘big freeze” made us look suspiciously at the future, mostly because we feared it. But everything has changed now, and as our eyes are no longer afraid of time to come, they outburst in flaming desire.

But as life returns to normal, we realize that many things are now different. That in the time we stayed at home, seizing to communicate one-to-one and to-many just using screens, some of those things changed for ever.

Today we know that it is possible to get acquainted to some one without ever having seen him; we know that attending a virtual seminar can be more convenient and even be more productive than traveling halfway around the world to attend a conference.

However what is essential about human nature remains the same. One thing did not change, or move, or was somehow upgraded during this forced innovation era.

Though it’s absolutely true that we learned to know each other from afar, and might even name some Zoom pal as a “friend”, to start trusting someone or take life changing decisions the song remains the same.

Humans still need to be together. Looking eachother in the eyes. Standing side by side. Shaking hands celebrating trust, just like in the good old days.