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Every week a new text in three different continents. Africa, Europe, America. Thursdays at Jornal de Notícias in Portugal, Fridays at o País in Angola and Saturdays at Brazilian, IstoÉ .

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The good old trust

To find out what really matters about someone, five minutes are more than enough. In them, the pitch on one’s voice, the movements design, gaze and grace, combined with any fortuitous touch, tells all what […]

Vaccine, what do I want you for?

Why does Portugal – sharing the same medical, economic and logistical conditions for accessto the vaccine – have much better results than its colleagues in the European Union?

“The truth is different and better than lies. Joe Biden said when taking office as President of the United States. “Truth must prevail” ¬- Perhaps the nightmare is over from today we can again think about smiling. After all, not everything is worth everything” America is big again.

Back to the Capitol on the day of the oath, the eyes of the world in the bright colours of freedom. Biden and Harris are “inaugurated” in the most timid (and safe) ceremony ever, but what matters most – says the president – “is not us. It is the victory of democracy.

Trump’s denial of defeat, defiance of the law and incitement to violence have tested the limits of democracy for the first time, but he has lost and even in the age of all lies was the truth to be won.

It is true that there were flags instead of people and masks instead of smiles, that there was distance between everyone and less joy, but the discourse of power changed; from radicalism to sharing, from the part to the whole.

It is true that the world beats records of the dead of the pandemic (with Portugal at the head), but a narrative of hope promises new consensus in a global world that can already live in isolation.

It is true that the challenges of the coming years are enormous – in the environment, in solidarity, in trade, in health, in food, in technology – but the difficulties have not brought down democracy.

It is true that nations are as fragile as ever, that poor and disorganised countries cannot get medicines or vaccines, and that there are brutal asymmetries between people on earth, but hatred has been rejected again and the union celebrated.

And… it is true, the response has changed. Who is the President of the United States? Yes! Perhaps mankind still has salvation.

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The cyber pandemy

Despite everyone its grounded homeofficing, soon the corporate world will realise that productivity is increasing. However, a new danger is preparing to emerge. At Digital Space’s Twitter profile, where cyber pirates brag about their hacking […]

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The new normal

Is the new normal abnormal? Or is it just different? The new normal is just our new life. But how will we get used to it; will we like it? Not at first! We’ll hate […]