Author: José Manuel Diogo

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The good old trust

To find out what really matters about someone, five minutes are more than enough. In them, the pitch on one’s voice, the movements design, gaze and grace, combined with any fortuitous touch, tells all what […]

Vaccine, what do I want you for?

Why does Portugal – sharing the same medical, economic and logistical conditions for accessto the vaccine – have much better results than its colleagues in the European Union?

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The cyber pandemy

Despite everyone its grounded homeofficing, soon the corporate world will realise that productivity is increasing. However, a new danger is preparing to emerge. At Digital Space’s Twitter profile, where cyber pirates brag about their hacking […]

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There had to be a way to fit me into the clock of your life. You had appeared behind the sandwich cart, in the belly of the steel bird, the day I went to Madrid […]

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Hope is a tree with wind. Without waking, I think of us. Outside the sun paints the branches that the trees already lay down in spring green. March is there – between crises and colds, […]

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The new normal

Is the new normal abnormal? Or is it just different? The new normal is just our new life. But how will we get used to it; will we like it? Not at first! We’ll hate […]