José Manuel Diogo

CEO at Informacion Capital, Director of innovation and new business at the Portugal Brazil Chamber of Commerce, LATAM Partner atn Fortifydata and Founder of Walk4money

Author, columnist, key note speaker, specialist in media intelligence, information management, strategic communication and, some say, lobbying,

Established the partnerships of Plataforma Media in Brazil that allowed the creation of the first global media in Portuguese language; coordinated the communication strategy of Keep Warranty, the multi award-winning Portuguese accelerated startup at the Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam; led the electoral campaign of CDS and Assunção Cristas in Lisbon in 2017 where he achieved a historic result and was Brand Manager of Folio – International Literary Festival of Óbidos.

He attended Mechanical Engineering and holds a degree in Journalism both from the University of Coimbra. He attended the XXXV PADE – Programa de Alta Direcção de Empresas da AESE, of which he is vice president. Post graduated in Information Management and Security from Information Management School – Universidade Nova.

He was chairman of the Board and General Meeting of Radio University of Coimbra between 1991 and 1994 and member of the installation committee of the Institute for Journalistic Studies at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra.

Director of international projects at Global Media Group, member of the Political Observatory, Director of Special Olympics Portugal, Director of Ticketline Magazine and CCO – Chief Communication Officer of Trade Connection – Portuguese Turkish Network.

Founder of SCIP, the largest international group of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals in Portugal.

He wrote and published several articles on information services in Portugal and Brazil, highlighting the editorial in the printed edition of the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, on 16 October 2013, with the title “When the most important thing is silence” and participation in the international conference “War and Propaganda in the XX Century” at the invitation of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon in the panel Propaganda in the age of digital technology with the lecture “Spies, Media and Diplomacy: The new challenges for the intellegence agencies”.

In March 2014 he was the only European author to participate in the XIV International Congress of Intellectual Property that brought together experts from Latin America, Canada and the United States, organized by the ASPI Associação Paulista de Propriedade Intelectual, in São Paulo, Brazil, where he delivered the lecture “Economic Impacts of International Espionage” where he was co-speaker with Demi Getschko, advisor of the Internet Management Committee in Brazil and member of the Board of Directors of Telebras.

He organized in September 2016 during the Folio 2016 Festival the cycle of conferences “Journalism, utopia and…” where some of the most important Portuguese journalists participated.

His books “The great secret agencies” and “The speeches that changed the world”, a collection of speeches on media and power are published in Portugal and Brazil.

José Manuel Diogo is also the author of a concise biography of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, entitled “iMe, the Life of Steve Jobs”, a unique edition with 95,000 copies, published by the Portuguese publishing house Levoir and distributed in the magazine Visão, being one of the books with the largest circulation in Portugal in 2012.

The Brazilian edition of the book The Great Secret Agencies presented at the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalists – Abraji – congress in Rio de Janeiro and distributed nationwide in important bookstores in Brazil such as Saraiva Bookstore in the Brazilian city of S. Paulo, brings together in a single volume the history of eight of the most effective espionage agencies in the world.

A columnist in the press, Portuguese and Brazilian, he writes about politics, media intelligence, espionage and information systems. He writes weekly in Jornal de Notícias on Sunday and fortnightly in Diário de Coimbra; occasional contributor to Volta ao Mundo magazine, Público newspaper and Visão magazine.