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Media Intelligence. Foreseeing the future through the media

Media intelligence is not guessing, it’s more like predicting, but the odds are considerable. Media intelligence is the ability of an individual or an organization to anticipate (or influence) the news. Sometimes before the facts actually happen.

There is this song, worldwide known, composed by the British singer Elton John, called “Your song”. In it, there is has a sentence so simple and obvious that gets to be enigmatic: “It may be quite simple, but now that it’s done”.

We can say that this verse conveys both oddity and wonder. Something that seemed totally obvious but until a certain moment anyone had remembered it. That nobody could perceive.

Like Sir Elton John sung, insights repeatedly seem obvious but seldom they are. Even if it seems like a result of very simple deductions it’s the other way around. It’s an elaborate process that adds multiple factors combined in complex ways.

Welcome to “Media Intelligence”.

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Let’s see a real example of how things happen. The analysis elements are two texts. The first one is one my weekly chronicles at the Portuguese daily “Jornal de Notícias”; an opinion text (written by a columnist in a daily newspaper). The second, a news release, signed by journalists at the major local broadsheet newspaper “Expresso”.


Three weeks later after all that I wrote for the future it became verified in the present. Back to the future?

Is this in simple deduction? Not quite.

To achieve good insights – knowledge resulting from a process using insight, perception, judgment, intelligence, processing speed, or even intuition – it is necessary to deeply know the framework of each situation, the characters who inhabit them, their expected behaviour and the admissible exclusions.

Once founded, we typify all the relevant variables – through careful analysis of the data and the metadata – found in the most various sources of information. These are normally open, in traditional or online support. Only here, we can apply media intelligence models; and then try to “anticipate” the future.

Applying this method in the right way, we’ll find the likely future directions that shape our brand, business, reputation, or personal brand. Get to now things before the others, is always a significant advantage.

Like the song “says”. Seems easy. But it’s not.