Social media its killing status quo

Cenk Uygur, CEO & Host, The Young Turks

There are two different type of journalist, objective that is aggressive and finds out whats true and was not true, and the Neutral the just tell the sources and actor point of view. Traditional media are not honest about their one perspective, and that is not liberal or conservative, it is establishment biased. That explains that 158 out of 180 tv anchors voted for Hillary.

I love that television has not anymore the monopoly on the news. Even if they are fake, If you keep lying is not gonna work.

I sense great rage for people on the media against social media. Social media its killing status quo.

Joe Pounder, President, Definers Public Affairs

“Go out ant talk to as many people as possible. Talking to so many people gives you a best comprehension of the facts”

“when everyone agrees to the same point, that’s dangerous”