The importance of being Brazil

The image Brazil has in the world is the main obstacle to its development. Anyone who doesn’t know Brazil and just reads the international press may even believe that the beloved land is a country where there is only violence, corruption, trampling on nature and the environment and is ruled by a bunch of crazy politicians. But this is a lie.

The problem is not Brazil. Brazil is a wonderful land, with problems, of course, but with great examples that they can give to the whole world. The problem is that the image Brazil has abroad is very bad and nobody is seriously concerned about it.
Brazil needs an international communication strategy that stops the bleeding. When even the greatest soccer star in Brazil becomes an international joke, you have to be careful!
But why doesn’t the world look at Brazil right? What is happening so that in this era of globalization that puts everyone in contact with Brazil stops being the wonderful land of all times and becomes the script of a horror film for environmental activists? The answer is simple: always follow the money!

The Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz wrote "the fight for money is sacred, because deep down it is the fight for freedom". That should do Brazil. Fight for theirs.

Let’s see just one example. Food production versus environmental sustainability. While the world revolts against the exploitation of the Amazon as if Brazil were an environmental criminal, the facts show the opposite. The area of preserved forests in Brazil is more than twice the world average (30%) and no country in the world has as many forests as Brazil. More than Russia, twice the size and Canada and the United States together. Only the Serra do Mar Park in São Paulo is twice as big as the largest primary forest in Europe, in Poland.
But the additional need for food production over the next 20 to 30 years is a market worth over 40 billion dollars, and there are only two countries on the planet with land available to meet this demand. The United States and Brazil.
Demonizing the only country that can dispute this food Eldorado is only a communication strategy, not the truth of the facts.
It is as incomprehensible to see the international community supporting NGOs that try to destroy Brazil’s environmental image, as it is to stand by and do nothing abot it. Brazil has to fight this black campaign about the use it makes of its land using the same tools that its detractors use: communication.

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