The new normal

Is the new normal abnormal? Or is it just different? The new normal is just our new life. But how will we get used to it; will we like it? Not at first! We’ll hate it, but then we’ll see that there’s good stuff. Meeting the new normal is like drinking a Coke for the first time, you get weird and then you get in – both the taste and the gas. 

Let’s see the bad things, that the bad news always comes first. It’s bad social detachment. Hugging and kissing is one of the best things about life. We’ll have to choose better. Hugging and kissing is gonna be a sign of trust and not just a compliment.  We’ll travel less, know fewer places, smell less and see fewer horizons. We’ll see fewer shows and go to fewer shows and theatres. We’ll go out to dinner less often and the restaurants will be more expensive. It will be times of celebration and not everyday activities. The public offices will be time and being served will take more time. 

But there are also good things. It’s good for words that gain new power. You won’t have to shake hands to close a contract anymore. Just say: it’s closed. Let’s stay home longer and pay attention to our children, watch them grow up with more attention. Learn from them. We’ll be closer to our favorite TV stars and artists, they’ll talk to us through social networks, almost be our friends. We’ll all be closer despite the distance. The restaurants will have more room between tables and the food will be better. Going to the restaurant will be a memory to keep.

When I was small, in my hometown, a small town in Portugal, near the border with Spain, called Castelo Branco, things were already exactly as they will be. And I thought they were very good. Then things got a little spoiled and progress came with a lot of speed, throwing the rush on everything and making us more nervous. In many places things are still like that. 

The new normal won’t be abnormal. It’s just gonna be different. We’ll keep expressing our feelings, doing our jobs, but we have a great opportunity to improve society.  

The pandemic forces us to think more carefully about the future. Probably for the first time, many of us will measure the extent of our attitudes towards others. And even if at first it is only out of individual fear, we will end up being better together. 

The new normal can even be good!