Vaccine, what do I want you for?

In vaccination against Covid-19 Portugal gives letters internationally. Better than us, only in the Arabs of Abu Dhabi. We are the Western kings of the vaccine! But we still lack stings. What good is this title to us?

Today my son returned to London,he lives there. Two months ago, they gave him the first dose of the vaccine. Then he went on vacation until it was time to come back. Before catching a plane in Lisbon he went to take the second dose. You didn't even score. He went downtown and walked in. You get there and that's it, I said. Only UAE money vaccinates better than Gouveia and Melo.

It says "Our World in Data" from the University of Oxford, that in the USA, 79% of the population is already fully vaccinated and 90% with one or more doses. There are already people who are already going to the third.

Soon after we saw. 81% all vaccinated; 87% with at least one dose.If you like to know Iceland completes the top 3. In the anti Covid picas we are 21% above the European Union. This success in vaccination is an indicator that is worth analyzing with intelligence.

Why does Portugal – sharing the same medical, economic and logistical conditions for accessto the vaccine – have much better results than its colleagues in the European Union?

Since there are no scientific answers, soon many conspiracy theories appear. A Lord Charles invokes our "soft ways"; Doctor Avila states that unequivocally our people always order is little given to "denialism"; finally the girl Gonçalves swears on foot together that that Rear Admiral with a hirsute beard and paused voice is a saint of altar and that should be raised to president.

But the real reason is much more prosaic. A country like ours, which depends on Tourism for bread of the mouth, took a very good opportunity to improve its international image, when it depended only on organizing itself well. Congratulations!