Web summit gourmet

Imagine that you are at French Restaurant. One of those very expensive where you only would take the girlfriend you want to marry to. Yeah! That kind of place. Real slow food and Michelin stars in the sky. 

This year’s Web Summit menu is to turn, again, Lisbon into one the greatest innovation venues, putting technology at the level of art, where exquisite food meet the best pop star chefs.

On the list, unique amouse bouches, amazing appetizers, nectars from paradise and piéces de resistence than can meet Greek gods standards. And If you wanna code it, it’s easy. From header to footer, the most amazing bodies.

November 4 to 7, world’s tech and innovation CRÈME DE LA CRÈME, starS at lisbon.

Let’s eat along. As a starter, kindness from the chef, Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva, the application that made graphic design accessible to all and has forever transformed an old profession. 

Second. It may just be an appetizer but nothing like love to open your appetite. Elie Seidman, Tinder’s CEO, comes to explain why it is so wrong to drench yourself in alcohol to meet your soul mate on a Friday night. Better swipe right. 

Next. No one is going to get me wrong for saying this, but Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, probably the most powerful “Minister of foreign affairs ” around the world, is indeed a delicious primo piatto

To pay the bill, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Nikolay Storonsky the founder of Revolut, creator of the application that left the traditional European bank industry hair-raising and pants down, but now pushes it into one of the most innovation thrilling paths. A blessing in disguise. Try and ask Portuguese banks like Novo Banco, BPI, Millennium, BBVA or Santander.

Still hungry? Did I skip dessert? Yeah! But November is yet to come.

Originally published in Portuguese in Jornal de Notícias on 11th of July of 2019